We spend a lot of time talking about yarn in this space. When you are learning something new, gathering materials is part of the fun and a little anxiety- producing. 

I’ve had the sheer pleasure of working with so many fabulous yarn people who make what we do possible. If you are looking for yarn support, these are two rigid-heddle friendly resources that are True Believer Patrons of the School. I work with them because I know they care about each weaver’s success as much as I do. 


Cotton Clouds has been a True Believer Patron of the Yarnworker School since its inception. They are uniquely focused on cellulose yarns. Cotton Clouds is one of the few yarn suppliers that offer kits that include just the right amount of yarn you need for a project, plus a little bit extra. They typically offer a project in a number of colorways and offer rigid-heddle specific kits and monthly subscription boxes with their own patterns.

Cotton Clouds has kitted a number of the weave-alongs and my published patterns. I’ve also done some design work for them. 

CLICK to see the Yarnworker kits Cotton Clouds offers.


I started working with Gist after being a guest on their podcast. Gist Yarn specializes in yarns for weaving and they largely source their yarns from North American mills and dye houses. Recently, they have introduced a number of house brands.

We connected because we both field a ton of questions about selecting yarns for rigid-heddle weaving, so we decided to collaborate to create a series called the Weaver’s PlayBox that introduces rigid-heddle weavers to yarn staples and the know-how to use them. 

CLICK to learn more about my collaborations with GIST.

A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn

If you are interested in learning more broadly about yarn and weaving, check out A Weaver’s Guide to Yarn, available in digital and print editions.  

I’d also like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to all the True Believers and other patrons of the School. Your steadfast support makes this space possible.