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Updated 10/25/21 clarify Yarnworker Website account function

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Yarnworker is a site devoted to sharing rigid-heddle weaving know-how. We do our best to provide you with accurate, timely information. All information here is of the author’s personal opinion. We encourage you to try things and come to your own conclusions about what works best for you. Yarnworker cannot be held responsible for projects that go amuck.

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This site occasionally uses affiliate links for products we feel will benefit your rigid-heddle life. These links are clearly marked. When you click on these links and make a purchase, a small portion of that sale comes back to Yarnworker. If a link it is not marked it is not an affiliate link.

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Yarnworker Website

The Yarnworker Website is hosted on another platform where you have the option to create a separate user account. This account is not linked to your School or Patreon account. It is solely used to remember your purchase from the Yarnworker Shop and communicate with you regarding your purchase. The Yarnworker blog and other community resources are also located on the website.