Creating warp-faced weaves on the rigid-heddle loom defies the conventional approach to weaving on this style of loom.  Once you have this technique in your repertoire, it will be called into use for hatbands, sashes, belts, and straps of all kinds.  

This weave-along gives me the opportunity to dive into various ways of adding multiple colors in the warp. I'll cover both the direct and indirect warping method. If you have never tried the indirect method, this weave is for you!

Here is the who, what, when, and where:


This weave-along is appropriate for beginners. I assume you know how to warp your loom and are familiar with basic weaving terminology.


Weave two keychain fobs 1" wide with about a 10" circumference. I'll provide a pattern on a name-your-price offering. There is no cost to register for the weave-alongs while they are active and you have free access to the information until we start the next weave-along. At that time, you will either need to pay a fee to continue to access the information or become a Patron and gain access to all previous weave-alongs at no charge. 


Rigid-heddle loom with at least a 4'' weaving width, if you have access to multiple rigid-heddle looms, use the smallest weaving width you have available: 12-dent rigid-heddle loom; 1 belt shuttle; if using the indirect method, you will need either a warping board or at least 3 warping pegs or peg-like objects.


2 colors of 3/2 mercerized cotton that have strong value contrast, 1,260 yd/lb. Shown in Lunatic Fringe Tubular Spectrum Yellow (10) and Green Yellow (10). 

Cotton Clouds has put together a kit in this and three different colorways. Patrons, click here for a discount. 

Scrap for header, either a similar thickness as the warp or slightly thinner.

Warp Yardage:  37 yd (21 yd green; 16 yd yellow)

Weft Yardage: 5 yd (2.5 yd green; 2.5 yd yellow)

Notions: 1'' key fob hardware. This is what I used


Registration gets underway August 25, 2021. 


August 25: Registration and pattern link available, welcome information, tips on selecting yarns and modifying the pattern. 

September 8: Warp

September 15: Weave

September 22: Finish

September 29: Celebrate


The weave-alongs are hosted here at the Yarnworker School of Weaving, a community-funded virtual classroom for rigid-heddle weavers. There is no charge for the weave-alongs, and the pattern is offered on a name-your-price offering. For more information about the Yarnworker Weave-alongs and School, click here

A big shout out to all the Patrons of the School who keep these weave-alongs going.

Heddles Up!