Weaving 101:The Basics

A Yarnworker Class

The rigid-heddle loom is the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality. In this course, you will learn what makes a rigid-heddle loom tick, how to select yarns, read a weaving pattern, set up the loom, weave with confidence, and finish strong. Included are plenty of troubleshooting tips and sound advice from road-tested weaving instructor, Liz Gipson. If you have been yearning to weave, but were not sure where to begin, start here!

Skill Level

Rank Beginner

Tools and Supplies

Rigid-heddle loom with at least a 9" weaving width; 8-dent rigid heddle; 2 shuttles, large-eyed tapestry needle, small pair of sharp scissors, kraft or similar paper cut into pieces about 9" x  24"

Yarn: 107 yd of DK-weight yarn, measuring approximately 14 wraps-per-inch or 1,252 yd/lb and 80 yd of worsted-weight yarn, measuring approxamately 12 wraps-per-inch or 800 yd/lb. A kit is available at www,yarnworker.com/shop/weaving-101-cowl-kit 

Liz Gipson
Liz Gipson

About the instructor

Yarn is a big part of who I am—growing it, spinning it, and then making it do tricks, particularly the over/under kind (i.e. weaving). Passing this love on to newcomers is what makes my heart happy. I spend my days weaving, writing about weaving, teaching others to weave, and enjoying this thing called life.

I host Yarnworker, a site for rigid-heddle know-how and inspirations. I dream-up, films, edit, and hosts the courses myself from my home in central, New Mexico. To learn more about me and the Yarnworker community, visit yarnworker.com


What's included?

30 Videos
2 Texts

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Nancy Bloomfield

The Basics Review

Great course, I've learned so much as a beginner, I can't begin to tell you how many tips I picked up along the way. It's great to be able to go back and review as often as necessary. I'm ready to start the next course! Thanks for showing me th...