This weave-along was held in of July, 2017. 

You are welcome to register, take a look at the videos and other instructional material, and review the questions that have been asked and answered. This is not an active course so I won't be answering any new questions.

Weave-alongs offer a space to weave together, even when we can't be in the same room. They are a place for us to ask questions, share progress and set-backs, celebrate successes, and get support from your fellow weavers and me.  

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Heddles up!


Cover Photo Courtesy of F+W/Interweave

The Details

The advantage of weaving your own kitchen towels is that you can make them to fit your space, style, and needs. This easily adaptable pattern from my new book, Handwoven Home, will give you four different looks from the same warp. This pattern is easily sized up or down according to your available warp width.

Pattern Four Looks Kitchen Towels from Handwoven Home

Skill Level Advanced Beginner.

You should be familiar with weaving terminology, and have warped a loom once or twice using the direct warping method. Feel free to register and follow along even if you can't weave along with us in July.

Official Start Date July 7, 2017


The weave-along is broken into four parts with a registration phase so you can gather your materials. The topics and release dates are as follows:

June 23: Registration Open! Includes Welcome and Tips for Modifying the Pattern

July 7: Warping Tips

July 14: Weaving Your Towels

July 21: Finishing Tips and Techniques

July 28: Show and Tell!

Aug 4: Official End Date. All the information will still be available after this date. You can access the videos and other educational materials and read the past questions and answers although you won't be able to ask any new questions. 

What you will learn This is a good project to practice warping long, fine warps, and managing your weft (the yarn you weave with) while making multiple color changes. During the weave-along I'll offer a few guidelines for modifying the pattern to suit your loom, and tips for warping, weaving, and finishing your towels. You will also find lots of information in Handwoven Home on the yarn, know-how, warping, and finishing sections.

What You Need to Gather

Pattern The Four Looks Kitchen Towels pattern is in my new book Handwoven Home.

Yarn 22/2 cottolin (3,246 yd/lb) or 8/2 unmercerized cotton (3,369 yd/lb).

You need about 1,082 yd light blue; 1,488 yd dark blue; 198 yd light green, 986 yd white.

Note: In the pattern, I mixed the cottolin and 8/2 because I like the look of mixed fiber types and sizes and that particular color combination. You can use all 8/2. Since 22/2 is smaller than 8/2, I don't recommend using only that size in the towel.

Cotton Clouds put together a kit for the towels in 8/2 (colors may vary slightly) and the response has been overwhelming. They are shipping all orders taken as of June 25. They have ordered more yarn and chances are that it will arrive on time. You can order minicones of 8/2 that they have in stock to create your own colorway.

Equipment 10-dent rigid-heddle loom with a 23" (58.5 cm) weaving width; 5 stick shuttles or a boat shuttle with 5 bobbins.

About the instructor


Liz Gipson

Sharing my love of the rigid-heddle loom with newcomers is what makes my heart happy. I spend my days weaving, writing about weaving, teaching others to weave, and enjoying this thing called life. From my home in central New Mexico, I dream-up, films, edit, and host these courses. To learn more about this marvelous little loom, visit

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Welcome, Links, Schedule, and Material and Loom Requirements

    • The New and Improved Yarnworker Weave-Alongs!

    • Tips for Modifying the Four Looks Kitchen Towels

    • How to Ask a Question and Chat

    • Finished Projects Gallery

  2. 2
    • Yarn Management

    • Introduction Winding The Warp + Indirect Warping

    • Hybrid Set Up

    • Winding Your Warp Part One

    • Winding Your Warp Part Two

    • Packing The Beam Part One

    • Packing The Beam Part Two

  3. 3
    • Winding a Bobbin

    • Starting Your Towel

    • Stay Stitching

    • Using a Boat Shuttle

    • Changing Wefts

    • Using a Spacer

    • Towel 2 and 3 Color Chart Explanations

    • Resources for Beginners

  4. 4
    • Prep Work

    • Whipstitch

    • Washing

  5. 5
    • Post pics of your progress, victories, perseverance, and finished objects. (Please keep the focus on the current weave-along ;)

    • Disqus: Frequently Asked Questions

    • Let's Celebrate

  6. 6
    • Overview

    • Modifying the Pattern

    • Using the Platform

    • Warping

    • Weaving

    • Finishing

  7. 7
    • Video Links, Current Weave-Along Wrap Up, and Future Plans

    • Feedback Survey