This study group is supported by the Yarnworker School Patreon community who have been unbelievably generous as I work on my next book project. Anyone is welcome to join us by becoming a patron. 

This new study session is supported with all new videos. Every two weeks we will gather for live discussion sessions. These sessions are recorded. 

 While this study session is not project based, I will be providing some projects along the way. All the projects, written examples, and warping demos are using yarns made or stocked by Gist Yarn, namely Gist's Beam and Brassard's 8/4 and 8/2 cotton. 

The schedule is subject to change, as we may work though the material faster or slower than anticipated. It is anticipated to conclude by late summer with a follow up study of structure in the rigid-heddle world and the anticipated release of my new guide A Rigid-Heddle Weaver's Guide to Structure: Making Sense of a Multi-Heddle World. Patrons make this work possible. 

Course curriculum

  1. 1
    • Orientation

    • Equipment

    • Yarn Selection

    • Orientation Handouts

    • Resources

  2. 2
    • Two Heddle Standard Threading Video Notice

    • Introduction to Threading Diagrams

    • Direct Warping: Back Heddle Slots

    • Direct Warping: Back Heddle Holes

    • Direct Warping: Front Heddle

    • Handouts: Two Heddle Standard Threading

  3. 3
    • Ashford Heddle Block + Introduction to Indirect Setup

    • Indirect Warping Review

    • Indirectly Warping Standard Threading at 200%

    • Standard Threading at 100% Density

  4. 4
    • Shed Making: Ashford and Schacht Heddle Block

    • Charging Pick-Up Stick Part One

    • Charging the Pick-Up Stick Part Two + Lace Sheds

    • Heddle Rod + 1/3 Twill Sheds

    • Doubleweave Sheds + Adding in a Missing Warp End

    • Saving a Shed + A Few Notes About Warping Color

  5. 5
    • 100% Density Threading, Headers, and Selvedges

    • Introduction to Summer and Winter + Thoughts on Modifications and Sampling

    • Charging for Summer and Winter

    • Adding Pattern Weft

    • Weaving Bricks and Blocks

    • Weaving Columns + More Thoughts About Selvedges and Balance

    • Unweaving and Weaving On

    • Summer and Winter Project Handout

  6. 6
    • How to Use a Threading to Design a Project

    • Two Heddle Standard Threading Structure in Draft Form

  7. 7
    • Introduction

    • Set Up

    • Standard Threading on Three Direct in the McKinney Method

    • Standard Threading On Three Indirect in the Xenakis Method

    • Case Study: 2/2 Twill

    • Handouts: Standard Threading On Three

  8. 8
    • Introduction to Specific Threadings

    • Direct Doubled Ends

    • Indirect Color-and-Weave

    • Case Study: 1/2 Twill

    • Handouts: Two Heddle Specific Threadings

  9. 9
    • Introduction

    • Setup

    • The Relationship Between 3 Heddles and 4 Shafts

    • Direct Warping

    • Indirect Warping

    • Case Study: Point Twill

    • Handouts: Specific Three Heddle Threadings