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Welcome to the warped side of yarn! Many folks who first come into the Yarnworker universe are puzzled by the rigid-heddle loom. What is it? Why should I pick this loom vs another loom? Is it beginner friendly? What can I make on this loom? 

In this course, I introduce you to the types of looms available to you and why I chose this type of loom as my weaving companion. I then gathered up a number of resources throughout the Yarnworker world and put them in logical order so you can see how the loom works, how to set it up, what yarns you can use, and what you can make. If weaving is on your life list, start here!

Skill Level and Requirements

Rank Beginner. No tools  or supplies necessary 

Liz Gipson
Liz Gipson

About the instructor

Yarn is a big part of who I am—growing it, spinning it, and then making it do tricks, particularly the over/under kind (i.e. weaving). Passing this love on to newcomers is what makes my heart happy. I spend my days weaving, writing about weaving, teaching others to weave, and enjoying this thing called life.

I host Yarnworker, a site for rigid-heddle know-how and inspirations. I dream-up, films, edit, and hosts the courses myself from my home in central, New Mexico. To learn more about me and the Yarnworker community, visit yarnworker.com


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What's included?

6 Videos
3 Texts

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Excellent starter course!

Ready to start your weaving journey? Students who complete Why This Loom will receive a code for 20% off the $75 registration fee for Weaving 101

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