Take your weaving to the next level and save 10% by bundling Weaving 202 and 301 together. Both classes are designed for an advanced beginner, and will help you get even more out of your rigid heddle.

Weaving 202 takes a deep dive into the mechanics of winding a warp separately from the rigid-heddle loom, then taking it to the loom to thread the heddle prior to packing the beam. Indirect warping, using a warping board or peg, allows the weaver to work in a compact space in perhaps a more comfortable way, and thread multiple colors or complex threading orders without creating any crossed threads behind the rigid heddle.

Weaving 301 covers pick-ups! Using a pick-up stick allows you to efficiently create additional sheds, breaking the over one/under one sequence of plain weave. Now you can make floats on purpose! Allowing for weaving more intricate textile designs.