Spring 2020 Weave-Along: Weave Our Way Through

Learn two ways to draw on your cloth, inlay and onlay. There is a subtle, yet sublime, difference between them.


Weaving 202: Indirect Warping

Using a warping board or peg allows the weaver to wind complicated color orders resulting in no crossed threads behind the heddle. It is the most versatile warping method available to the rigid-heddle weaver.


Weaving 301: Pick-Up

Use a pick-up stick to create a third and fourth shed, breaking the over one/under one pattern of plain weave to make floats on purpose.


Winter 2020 Weave-Along: Tweed and Twill Pillow Cover

Tweed and twill are a classic weaverly combination. This pillow cover is designed for serious lounging.


Summer 2017 Weave-Along: Four Looks Kitchen Towels

The advantage of weaving your own kitchen towels is that you can make them to fit your space, style, and needs. This easily adaptable pattern will give you four different looks from the same warp.


Fall 2019 Weave-Along: Variegated Yarn Challenge

Grab your favorite variegated yarn and learn how to weave it up three different ways, each highlighting your yarn to its fullest.